Rose Skull Tattoos

Published: 04th December 2009
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Rose skull tattoos are traditional tattooing, what would tattoo art be with out the most famous skull tattoo, if you ask males that have tattoo's you will see that in fact 80% will have the common, or one of the most popular skull tattoo, it's not just a man thing either it is becoming more in demand for women wanting a skull tattoo, this is were the red rose becomes part of the picture and were the rose skull tattoo becomes one of the most tattoo design that women are starting to ask for.

This is honestly nothing really knew they have always been much admired and will continue to be. In fact Rose Tattoos are more popular than any other flower that is used in tattooing. Yes it is more popular then the Hibiscus tattoos, Daisy Tattoos and even the lotus flower tattoos it's not surprising that skulls and roses are being joined to make a wicked rose skull tattoo design, one in fact is both worn by women and men

You might yourself may have contemplated getting a rose tattoo design.Yes Rose skull tattoos are extremely popular but because of trend, some do shy away from them as they fear that the design is becoming more of a "cookie cutter" tattoo and seen on every tom , dick and harry.

However that is about the furthest thing from the truth, if you take a really nice skull design and pick a bright red or scarlet rose tattoo, and get the tattooist to make an original design so you don't have to have a generic rose skull tattoo, and if your tattooist is any sort of artist he or she will be able to come up with a fantastic design that you could die for.

Rose skull tattoos have such an extensive history in the west that it is hard to separate out one meaning any longer. They have always played a very central and significant role both religiously and secularly in Western history. Just take for example that fact that roses were the primary flower in most monetary gardens and you will see the significance.

Rose skull tattoos have been used as middle and powerful symbol in so many different ways the possibilities and symbolism behind them is huge.

The possibilities and limitless and there are a lot of original tattoos to still be tattooed on someone. So don't get stuck thinking their over done or no longer original. If you really want a Rose skull tattoos then take the time to discover your own combination and link it is with something else. Use the thoughts above as a platform or jumping board and then be creative.

Rose skull tattoos, especially red roses, have always been closely associated with love and of course passion and the tattoo artists of today have been exploit these associations to their fullest. The newfound focus of the youth on all things connected to spiritual communion and physical passion between lovers is very evident through the plethora of rose tattoo designs out there.

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